1913 Renault 22/24CV Type DP Muhlbacher Town Car
If you ever Wondere how old Renault is, is old as 1899, thay was also making car’s for the ritch people competing with Rolls Royce and other luxury Brands, this is one of them.
Wickerwork embellishment on a car was very fashionable around the time of the First World War, and was particularly popular with French coachbuilders. The work was very labour-intensive and therefore expensive, which is why it could only be found on the more luxurious models, such as this Renault 22/24CV.
The Parisian coachbuilder Mühlbacher was highly regarded at the time. This Town Car was one of his creations; the driver sat in the open while the passengers were seated in a closed compartment. Communication with the driver was possible via the mouthpiece on the right-hand side.
Large Renaults such as the 22CV and the 40CV were sold only as a rolling chassis, leaving the choice of bodywork to the customer. The comfortable 22CV is fitted with a 5.0-litre, four-cylinder engine.

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